Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My family just got a brand new heat press machine

Hello everyone,
I got some good new for today as my parents just got me a brand new heat press machine for my birthday, so that I can start my own business on Ebay. I really happy with it as I never imagine that I can get my own heat press machine.
After I check out some of the good reviews from this website; best heat press machines reviews. My pop knew which heat press that I'm interesting in. Then they decided to buy one for me. Right now Im thinking about which is a good brand for the blank Tshirt. I check on google and I found that AAA seem like a good brand for blank Tshirt. In addition, I also found champion is a great brand for blank Tshirt as well. However the price is really expensive. So i go with the AAA brand.
Here is a picture of my heat press machine

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